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Stories are the fabric of our lives, giving depth and meaning to our experience. Weeva is a way to collect, preserve and share precious stories with the special people in our lives.
~ Kim Gorsuch, Founder of Weeva

With Weeva You Can...

Create A Tapestry Of Your Stories

With Weeva, you work together with family and friends to create Tapestries: rich and colorful collections of stories - your stories - and the stories of the people, places and experiences you've shared.

Write Beautiful Passages

Your stories are beautiful, and their presentation should reflect that beauty. Weeva makes reading and writing a beautiful experience that everyone can enjoy. Writing can take time, so Weeva makes it easy to save drafts and come back to them later.

Well Kim's Dad Ed would have loved the start of this tale of travail... We rolled into Toledo on a very hot day, our black car filthy with the white dust and grime of much toing and froing all over Andalusia the previous week. We were looking for the hotel; we had the name and the address and even a picture that we printed out from (yes, seriously). Toledo is not made for cars. There are narrow gates to allow entry into the town in an intricate one-way system, and absolutely no parking. Its a city thats almost a thousand years old, a huge medieval labyrinth, that wasn't constructed so tourists could have easy access parking or anything else for that matter. Hilarious.

Get The Whole Story

There is always more to the story if you just ask someone else... That's why on Weeva you tell stories together, and everyone can add their own passage from their perspective.

That wasn't really the end of the story as this was just the first time we unpacked the bags. We reloaded the car and drove across the street to the Los Cigarelles, and unpacked again, prior to spying the small notice on the door that we actually needed to check in at a third location around the corner. "How about if we stay with the bags, and you guys go check us in?," I said helpfully. Des and Charlie were in the car in a nano-second, and took off with squealing wheels. "Aren't they going the wrong way?," observed James with equal parts incredulity and curiosity. In about five minutes, back comes the car with Des and Charlie looking doggedly forward, not acknowledging us at all.

Preserve Your Stories In A Beautiful Book

Once you have collected stories on Weeva, you can preserve them in a beautiful, art-quality, large-format book. Best of all each person in your group can have their own copy to hold and keep forever.

There's nothing quite like cozying up and reading stories written by and for the people who matter most to you.

Weeva Is Perfect For:

Preserving Family Memories

Collaborate to write and preserve stories of your family's history and experiences. Get everyone involved - it's fun, easy and free!

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Work together with family and friends to create beautiful books filled with stories for events like:

Weddings Anniversaries Birthdays


Show love and support for loved ones by recounting stories and memories. Learn more about how Weeva can help with:

Hospice Critical Illness


Any group or organization can use Weeva to collect stories from their members about their activities and history. Learn more about Weeva for:


See Examples Of Public Weeva Projects You Can Join Now:

Weeva Tapestries are private by default, but sometimes we put our platform to use to promote special public projects.

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Make-A-Wish challenges you to face your fears, catch your breath, step up to the edge and rappel down 38 stories at W Austin.

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Lean On Me: Fight Cancer Together

In the battle against cancer no one fights alone. Read stories of support from survivors, friends, family, and share your own.

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